Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Soft Lining for a Scratchy Scarf

Sometime before Christmas, my daughter asked me to pick out a yarn I liked so she could make me something for Christmas.  I chose a lovely green yarn that was partly made of wool.  I don’t usually wear wool, because it always feels so scratchy against my skin, but this yarn, which was more acrylic than wool, felt so soft.

Laura made me a beautiful infinity scarf, and I absolutely love it! 

Unfortunately, it feels too scratchy against my skin to be able to wear it. I don't know why is is that a skein of yarn can feel so soft, then feel scratchy when made up into something to wear.  

 I decided to add a lining made of cotton knit fabric, because I really wanted to be able to wear this lovely scarf.  Coincidentally, I had just culled an old t-shirt while cleaning out my closet.  The t-shirt happened to be just the right color to line the scarf.

So here’s how to line a scarf using a t-shirt.

First, you’ll need a shirt that’s big enough around to accommodate your scarf. Cut off a wide strip from the bottom of the shirt that is a little wider than the width of your scarf.  That's Clover supervising the process.

Turn under the edges (I used the finished hem of the shirt for one edge), pin, and hand stitch in place.


Now, what will I do with the rest of the t-shirt?  Any ideas?

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