Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Right Now

While most of the country basks in unseasonably warm weather, winter is still alive and well here in northwest Washington state.

Look at that! Our weather forecast shows a sunny day a week from Friday! Something to look forward to.

At least the light is returning.  During the darkest days of the year in late December, the sun didn't clear the horizon until eight o'clock and set at about a quarter past four.  When the sun reached it's highest point in the sky each day, it was still low in the southern sky, so darkness was descending in mid-afternoon.

Now the days are a little longer and a little brighter.  Even beneath the cover of clouds, there is a brightness to the sky.

But it is still cold and wet, and I don't do well in the cold.  So for now, I'm staying inside near the fire with good books and knitting at hand, dreaming of warmer days.


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