Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Early Spring

I haven’t posted much so far this year.  We’ve had an eventful few months, but most of our day-to-day activities haven’t been caught on camera.  This not only makes for less interesting blog posts, but I lose track of what I intended to write about.  And, well, I’ve been sort of distracted by some recent events.

Everything is OK with us, there’s just been a lot going on, and some of it has been private.  And some of it is not up to me to share; not my story to tell.  Not now, anyway, maybe later.

I’ve been reading a great deal this year, mostly because it’s been cold and rainy here these past several months, and I’m more comfortable staying in where it’s warm.  Being out in the cold makes my hands and feet ache.  I used to enjoy cold weather.  I loved downhill skiing, but my body just isn’t up for that sort of thing any more.  Keeping my hands and feet warm has become a daily challenge involving wool socks and slippers indoors and a long down coat, gloves, and warm boots when I go out.

Fortunately my county has a fairly well stocked library system.  I’ve read over a dozen books so far this year.  Right now, I’m reading Sheapish by Catherine Friend.  I love this author’s sense of humor.

When I’m not reading, I knit.  I’m working on a cardigan that is knit top down, all in one piece.  This means that when I’m finished knitting, the sweater will be done.  There won’t be any pieces to join with seams.  I’m not good at seams, so this pattern seemed like a good idea.

Even though it is still cold out, a Northwest spring is a bit more pleasant than a Northwest winter.  The cold of winter is harsh and biting.  In spring, it may only be ten or so degrees warmer, but the air feels a little softer.  It’s hard to explain.

The sky is brighter now.  The cloudy days of spring bring more light than do the dark days of winter.  Most of the branches are still bare with just a few trees beginning to blossom, but there are a few early flowers blooming:  crocus, heather, and daffodils.  Some of the shrubs have leaf buds that are starting to break.

Warmer weather will be here soon.  I can hardly wait!