Friday, December 23, 2011

A Busy Time of Year

Life can be so hectic at this time of year.  In addition to the usual day-to-day living, we have those additional activities related to the holidays.  I almost wrote “burdens” instead of “activities”, because sometimes that’s how it seems when I’m tired, which is a great deal of the time.

Just to be clear, I love the holidays and look forward to them every year.  I just find them exhausting.  I wonder how many other people feel this way.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to be able to participate in our Christmas traditions.  Shopping, wrapping, gift making, baking, decorating, etc. have been a big part of my days this month. 

Meal preparation and housework?  Not so much, but that’s OK.  There will be time again to catch up on all of that later. 

The cats think that having a tree in the house with that nice red velvet “blanket” under it is the best idea ever.  They especially like the big water bowl at the base of the tree which clearly was put there just for them.

It’s been a busy time of year for the dog, too.  Sophie’s been trying her best to scare away delivery people with her barking, but they keep stopping at our house anyway.  She also has to bark at any jingling bell sounds coming from the TV that kinda sorta sound like a doorbell. 

Thanks to Laura and Bryan, the Christmas tree looks lovely.  The house is decked out with lighted garland and assorted decorations throughout.  They did a great job with the outside lights, too.

Laura and I made these gluten free Chocolate Brownie Cookies for Fred to share with his co-workers.  They were slightly crispy on the outside and filled with chewy chocolate goodness. 

We made homemade Peppermint Bark for the first time.  It was so easy!  We just melted dark chocolate chips in the microwave according to the package instructions and spread it out onto a parchment-lined baking pan.  After it chilled in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, we melted white chocolate chips and spread them over the hardened dark chocolate then pressed crushed candy canes into the surface of the white chocolate.  After it hardened in the refrigerator overnight, we broke it into pieces.  Yum!

Now it’s time to rest, relax, and enjoy spending time with my family.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a joyous holiday season!


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