Friday, November 18, 2011

The Week's End

It has been said that “time flies”, and that has certainly been the case for me this week. I usually begin each week with a list of what I hope to accomplish. This week’s list includes:

knitting Christmas gifts,

(Shhh...don't tell!)

developing recipes for my other blog,

grocery shopping for the week and for Thanksgiving dinner,

making a Kindle case to fill an Etsy order,

stopping at the feed store for chicken feed,

and making covers for the cushions on the hope chest in our living room, something like these.

I’ve been tired this week, as usual, and everything has required that I push myself to keep going, to do just one more thing. The alternative would have been accomplishing nothing at all, and that just doesn’t work for me. I have to accomplish something, anything, even small things.

I got the groceries with Laura’s help, I started the gift knitting and began the Kindle case. I worked on gluten free recipes, but none of them came out the way I expected and will need more work before I can post them to Wheatless Foodie. I bought chicken feed.

The cushions will have to wait. Again. Those cushion covers have been on my lists for weeks, but the cushions can remain wrapped in a quilt for now.

Today I am resting. It’s Laura and Bryan’s night to cook dinner, and they clean the house on Fridays.  I plan to spend the day working on the Kindle case and gift knitting, as well as some image work on the computer. I might read, or just sit with my eyes closed and a cat in my lap as I look forward to a weekend spent with my family.

What do you do to restore your energy?



  1. This is good! I've GOT to assume it's much less expensive than Thomas Keller's new C4C baking mix. It's OK for someone like me to buy on occasion when I have to cook for gluten free friends...but if I needed it with any regularity it would be cost prohibitive... Would you consider a side-by-side test?

  2. The C4C looks like a good blend based on the ingredients, but I haven't tried it because it contains milk powder, and I avoid milk products as much as possible. I looked at the cost at WS - holy moly! I've been using Jules flour blend, which is about $4/lb and works well as a cup-for-cup replacement in most recipes. I can't remember the cost of the King Arthur at Fred Meyer, but based on their website price, it's less than the C4C. If you use the King Arthur, you'll also need xanthan gum to mix with it (about 1/2 tsp per cup of KA flour). Let me know if you need any - I would be happy to send some over.