Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Before I Go to Sleep (Book Review)

Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson

Imagine waking up in a strange bedroom next to a man you don’t remember ever having met. Even more startling is your reflection in the mirror. It first you don’t recognize the woman looking back at you, then you realize she’s you, just much a much older you.

The man in the bed claims to be your husband and tells you that this happens every day. You learn that you can only remember what happens during one day, then you forget everything when you sleep. He has to explain this to you every morning.

As your day progresses, you meet a doctor who says he is trying to help you. You have a friend and confidant who remembers things about you of which you have no memory. Your husband takes care of your needs and tells you he loves you, but he’s a complete stranger to you.

Flashes of memory happen randomly, and sometimes they don’t match up with what you’ve been told. Are the memories real or a product of your imagination? Have you completely lost your mind, or just your memory?

S. J. Watson takes readers into amnesiac Christine’s disoriented world in this debut novel. Her attempts to sort out the truth of how she lost her memory lead to a surprisingly chilling ending.


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