Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vegetable Garden Update

It’s been a cold, wet Spring here in Northwest Washington state. In Bellingham we’ve only had a handful of days above 60 degrees so far this year. We haven’t seen 70 degrees since sometime last year.

At least the temperature has been staying above freezing for the past couple of weeks. I finished planting our vegetable garden over the past week. Now we just need some warmer weather so we can harvest the summer vegies before first frost.

Fortunately, we like salads, because the garden has produced lots of lettuce these past few weeks. There really is nothing like fresh, crisp, delicious lettuce.

The broccoli heads are forming, and the few sugar snap pea transplants have been blooming. Most of the sugar snap peas I planted from seed didn’t sprout. I think it was just too cold and wet here.

There are carrots, both orange and purple, and green onions just coming up.

We’re still waiting on the pole beans to sprout.

To make use of space as much as possible, I’ve been planting new transplants near crops that are nearly ready to harvest. Like these tomato plants with the lettuce.

There are lettuce plants in various stages from new seedlings to half grown plants to full size plants ready to harvest. We should be enjoying garden fresh salads for several more weeks.

Near the broccoli and peas, I’ve planted cucumbers and chives. We’re supposed to have a few sunny days this weekend, and the broccoli leaves will keep the new transplants from getting scorched.

By the time the cucumbers need more room, we’ll be eating the broccoli.

I sprouted pumpkins, acorn squash and zucchini inside, and they’re out in the garden now, too.

We're also enjoying fresh eggs from our three hens, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew and Jessica Fletcher.

For now, we'll just keep enjoying our fresh salads and hope for sunnier days.


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  1. My garden looks similar. Our spring was pretty wet too, but it's suddenly spiked to humidity and warm weather. I suspect those little plants will be growing quickly!!

  2. Your garden is looking terrific!