Tuesday, May 10, 2011

25 Years Ago

On this day, twenty five years ago, I walked down the isle toward the front of the church where my husband-to-be stood waiting. Escorted by my father, and wearing a lovely gown made by my mother, I took step after careful step toward the man I loved.

We first met across a desk as I interviewed him for a job. Fred was just out of college and interviewing for his first “real” job, the job that would begin his career. I had been out of college just a couple of years myself, and this was the first job of my career as well.

He was so smart and perfectly qualified for the job. The small food processor I worked for operated in a former gas station – a “service station”. You know, from back in the day, when you could pull into a service station where they pumped your gas, checked your oil, and cleaned your windshield, and you could get someone to work on your car in neeed.

The job paid little, not really enough to live on. The company always hired entry level food technologists for the Product Development/Quality Control lab because they paid so poorly. Nobody with any experience would have worked there.

I couldn’t imagine Fred taking the job I would be offering him. He was so obviously intelligent and had a degree from Davis. He could do better. But times were hard then as now. For this job, I had received 70 resumes. He accepted the job, and our friendship began.

Reaching the front of the church, my father placed my hand in Fred’s, then stepped away, symbolically handing me over into Fred’s care.

After working together for six months, we began dating. Even though I was his boss at work, I don’t think it ever occurred to either of us that we shouldn’t date. We were married less than a year later.

Soon we had exchanged the traditional vows to love, honor and cherish...and we became husband and wife.

We’ve done a lot during these past twenty five years, and we’ve been through a lot. Successes and tragedies, and losses we never would have imagined when we began our life together. And we’ve been so incredibly blessed. We have a wonderful daughter, and we have always enjoyed the love and support of our families.

If I were asked again, “Will you take this man...,” I would answer in a heartbeat,

"I will".


  1. This is a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Very sweet. A reminder not to take these guys for granted!

  3. Loved your wonderful story! I too was married 25 years ago {on April 19th of this year} to the love of my life and wouldn't change a thing! Congratulations to you too!

  4. Such a lovely story! Thanks for sharing it. It's so great to meet you!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful post.