Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden Planning

Have you planned your garden?  I think I enjoy garden planning nearly as much as the actual planting.

Territorial Seed Company has this great garden planner.  Here's the garden I've planned for this year:

Actually, this represents my plan for the summer garden.  It will be about 2 more months before I can set out tomato and pepper plants, so for now I've planted lettuce in those areas.

The chickens spent the winter tilling, fertilizing and removing sod to expand the vegetable garden.  They were moved to other parts of the yard for awhile, and the weeds in the garden grew back quickly.

So they're spending a little more time working there again before I plant those areas.  Thanks girls!



  1. Wow! Your garden plans look wonderful! I adore your chickens too! Lucky you! We had a warm week a couple of weeks ago and I did some planting myself. Love it!

  2. So jealous! We still can't really get down to the business of planting over here on the west side.

    Love you coop, by the way. My greatest regret was planting ours in one spot, but I make up for it by letting the biddies roam the backyard during the winter. There is nothing better for breaking up the soil and removing weeds, etc. - except maybe a goat or two.

  3. Er, east side. I really do know east from west. Really. I promise. :o)

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog recently. Love your chicken tractor! We did pastured poultry for a while but no wheels on the cages - yours looks like it works much better!

  5. Love that garden planner! I can't wait until we get chickens this year and they can do all the work for me! Well, some of it atleast. :)

  6. I LOVE the garden planner and your chicken tractor! Thanks for linking up!