Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cold Winter Day

It's sunny today, but cold.  This is a screenshot of the weather at around noon:

I took some cracked corn out to the chickens this morning to help them stay warm.

They have heat lamps in the hen house to keep them from freezing.  And to keep their water and eggs from freezing.  Also, we've found that when it's cold enough to keep the heat lamps coming on at night, we get more eggs.  Hens lay according to how much light they're getting, so more light equals more eggs. 

The hen house, which is raised off the ground above a part of the chicken run that they get to via a hole in the floor with a ramp to the ground, is just a big (4'x4'x4') wooden box with a door. 

It's just big enough for our three hens and holds their water, food, a nest for laying eggs (the black plastic crate), and a perch for them to roost on at night.

There's an egg in the nest!

We've been putting out seed for the wild birds too.

I'm amazed that these crocus survived this latest storm with the wind blowing the icy stinging snow around last night:

I'm soooooo looking forward to Spring!


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  1. Cindy - I didn't realize you're from Bellingham. I grew up in Marysville then moved to Mount Vernon. It's a small world. I've been feeding the cracked corn as well for warmth. They love it. It was once told to me it's like candy but the chicken variety.
    Have a great week! Hope your temp's are on the rise.